500 assorted wood screw set

Stock code: S5037
  • TOUGH PIERCING TIP: This versatile set of 500 wood screws features a tough, durable and sharp piercing tip. This allows the screws to be easily drilled into soft materials such as wood, plastic or PVC without needing a pilot hole
  • HUGE VARIETY OF LENGTHS: The assortment of wood screws includes a selection of 4 different POZI countersunk screw sizes in a variety of lengths and is ideal for a wide range of DIY, craft and home improvement projects.
  • HANDY STORAGE BOX: The set is supplied in a handy plastic storage box
  • COMPATIBLE WITH AMTECH S0536 WALL PLUG SET: For harder materials, a pre-drilled hole is required. In this case, the set is compatible with Amtech’s S0536 500 piece wall plug set
  • CONTENTS: M3.5 x 25mm x 180pcs (PZ2), M4.0 x 30mm x 180pcs (PZ2), M5 x 40mm x 100pcs (PZ2). M6 x 50mm x 40pcs (PZ3)
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