3V Pen Style Mini Engraver

Stock code: V2548
  • VERSATILE: This 3V pen style cordless mini engraver is ideal for model makers, crafters and engravers
  • EASY TO USE: With a quick keyless accessory change between 2.3mm-2.4mm, it has a maximum 13,000 RPM no-load speed
  • INCLUDES: 1 mini engraver, 2 stencils, 6 grinding burrs, 2 AAA batteries
Instructions to use:
  1. One-pressure on/off button
  2. Slide battery cover off to insert
  3. Replace AAA batteries ensuring correct polarity.
  4. Rotate black notched collar 1.5-2 turns anti-clockwise to slacken internal friction mechanism to remove/replace grinding burrs. Press and hold in rotating black disc whilst re-tightening before re-using.
Note: If the motor stalls this means too much pressure is being applied. Reduce the pressure and allow the motor to reach maximum power and torque.
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